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The Value of Relationship Centricity

and how it can transform your engagements with patients

The life science industry invests a lot of time and money to assess patients' actions and beliefs regarding their products and services.  Their goal is simple, find ways to help patients overcome barriers while motivating them to a desired behavior.  To accomplish this objective, the industry employs patient engagement specialists to support this audience. 


Surprisingly though, many companies invest little time or resources in exploring the needs and experiences of these employees.  This often creates gaps in understanding the intersection of these two journeys—the patient's and the specialist's—which can impact the type and strength of relationship that’s created between them.

Notably, research validates that a strong patient-provider relationship built on shared trust can be as critical to promoting positive health outcomes as prescribed therapies. That is why The Plucky Patient is here.  We can assist all organizations under the life science umbrella in effectively applying a relationship-centric approach for patient engagement services.  

Ad Agencies & Medical Communication Firms

Healthcare Systems 

Specialty Pharmacies

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Hub & Commercial Services

Advocacy & Policy

Commercial and Public Insurance

Contract Research Organizations

Healthcare Consulting

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A patient engagement specialist helps a patient become plucky

Relationship centricity is valuable for all patient engagement specialists

Nurses Pharmacists & Clinicians
Nurses, Pharmacists
& Clinicians
Disease & Treatment Educators
Disease & Treatment Educators
Enrollment Agents
Wellness & Lifestyle Coaches
& Lifestyle
Access & Hub Services Agents
Access &
Hub Services Agents
Patient Advocates
Patient Advocates
Financial Specialists
Timothy Barshinger


Timothy Barshinger, PhD

Tim is an experienced healthcare strategy, communication, and behavioral specialist who found his niche in helping the life science industry nurture empowering trust-based relationships between themselves and the patients they serve.

He has a doctorate in Health Communication with a specific focus in patient-provider interpersonal relationships.  He also holds a Master’s degree in instructional design. Over the last fifteen years, he's leveraged his academic and professional skills in the research, design, deployment, and evaluation of strategic innovations and solution evolutions for patients and health industry stakeholders that are grounded in data and insights, omnichannel modalities, behavioral science principles and meaningful storytelling. 

Tim has worked for both large and small companies that provide services and content for the life science industry.  He has delivered impactful projects for pharma, biotech, hospitals and healthcare systems, and academia.  He’d be happy to help you design and integrate solutions that expand the concept of relationship centricity and build trust-based relationships with patients.  

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